Residency Interview Selection Criteria

You have reached to the most visited and largest residency match criteria database that helps thousands of medical students and physicians from all over the world every year to appropriately select the programs they apply to and hence increase their chances of getting interviews and eventually increase their chances to match! This database have been carefully gathered and arranged per specialty to help with easier program selection in a reasonable time. More than 60000 USMLE and Residency applicants IMGs and USMGs have been helped through our facebook page.


Most residency programs have selection criteria based on which they set the filters to create a pool of the applicants that best suits their program. It has been shown that applicants who apply randomly without taking these criteria into consideration get way less interviews, if any. These criteria are:

 Minimum USMLE Step 1 and 2 CK Scores
 Number of attempts on Steps allowed
CS required at time of application or no

USCE Requirement for IMGs

Cut-Off time since graduation

Program offers couple match or no
Visa issues vs US citizen and green card holders